Untested Technology

One of the things I do not like about writing my own applications for one-time use is that one is never sure if everything will work correctly when the app is in its production use.  Actually, it’s not a problem if I’m the only user, but when 40 high schoolers are counting on this thing to work smoothly as they text all day what they are doing – that gets scary.

So, at this point, I give a little prayer to the code-gods, hope that the code is simple enough to minimize the chance any problems, and try to imagine if I’ve tested all scenarios.

Of course, I’ve not tested all scenarios … What happens if two messages come in exactly at the same time?  I expect the blog to work correctly, but my log file might be a bit confused – oops – unless the app fails to open a file already opened by another text processing process – hmmmm – that could mess up one of the texts … or maybe not …  do I sweat it now, at this hour? …. nah … it’s not worth checking the code  … one rule of thumb on development that I learned long ago: never make last minute changes.

You see?  That’s what I hate about this.  Sooner or later I always will imagine a feasible scenario where it won’t work.  When I coded for a job, my wife Maria said that I would come home with my eyes wide open, processing the day’s coding tasks in the back of my mind, never fully present until several days of vacation had passed.

That’s a big reason I switched careers back to music …

Well, time to see if I can shut my eyes and get some sleep.  I’ll know sooner or later if things work well enough.  Until tomorrow!


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